Art Therapy Lunch & Learn Series 2017

2017 Art Therapy Lunch & Learn

Ecumenical Center (@ South Texas Medical Center)
8310 Ewing Halsell Drive

San Antonio, TX 78229

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February 14 - Noon to 2:00 - $25
Vicki Williams-Patterson LPC-AT
Building Community & Making Connections through Art Therapy
Healing takes place best in the context of a relationship. Whether it's within one's self, one on one, a small group, a neighborhood, a nation, or the world; when people have a sense of connection with others, they are empower to work together for positive change. Art-making can be a powerful process for facilitating connections in both small & very large communities. In this workshop, you will learn several art techniques that will enrich relationships through a stronger sense of connection & set the stage for energetic healthy change!

April 11 - Noon to 2:00 - $25
Salina Shelton LPC
Renewal, Growth & Transformation
Life moves us through many cycles, transitioning from one stage of growth to another. This experiential workshop will explore psychological growth as a cycle. Different challenges at various stages and questions encountered at each stage will also be explored.

June 13 - 10:00 to 4:00 - $60
Vicki Williams-Patterson LPC-AT
Aggression in Our Schools - Art-making Tasks for Transforming a Destructive Force into Energy for Positive Change
Aggressive lashing out, whether it's in cyber space or in the school hallways, is a destructive force that can destroy the learning environment. Art-making can provide a means for anger & violence to be expressed, shared, and transformed into positive energy for change. In this extended workshop, we will explore art-making experiences that can help transform a hostile environment into an energetic atmosphere for creative change.

August 8 - Noon to 2:00 - $25
Salina Shelton LPC
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
This experiential workshop will introduce participants to the research-supported orientation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), including the 6 core processes of ACT. Participants will explore assessments and applications including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and OCD.

October 10 - Noon to 2:00 - $25
Vicki Williams-Patterson LPC-AT
Zombie Apocalypse - Understanding the "UnDead" Archetype and Its Importance to Our CultureWhat is it with all these Zombies? It's not just Hollywood movies - they have their own TV shows, local parades, and handbooks! Every Halloween, at least a few kids put on green make-up, fit a plastic cleaver into their heads, and stumble out their doors to collect candy. What's going on? In this workshop, we will delve into this persistent and somewhat bizarre message from the collective unconscious. We might as well try to understand them, because they aren't going away!

December 12 - Noon to 2:00 - $25
Salina Shelton LPC
Therapy & Spirituality? Getting Comfortable Discussing Questions of Faith
Our clients come to us with many questions. Sometimes the struggles they face may lead them to question their faith, or the safe and supportive environment you create may embolden your clients to explore their own spiritual journey. This workshop will explore the spiritual competencies endorsed by the American Counseling Association (ACA) and their real-world application.