Harvey Arts Recovery Project

Harvey Arts Recovery Project is looking for creative arts therapist to volunteer at workshops.

Note: This is not a STATA coordinated project and we are one of many sponsors. To support this effort STATA is offering offering 6- $25 Amazon gift cards to any STATA member who volunteers! Simply email your volunteer confirmation/registration to Lindsey Taucher, STATA treasurer! Lindsey's email is: lctmaatrbc2@gmail.com

See announcement from HARP below:

HARP (Harvey Arts Recovery Project) is the partnering of local creative arts therapists, community artists/ musicians, and figures within several non-for- profits, government, and arts organizations throughout the City of Houston to collaborate and aid one another in the recovery and relief of fellow Houstonians in the wake of Harvey.

HARP’s most recent endeavor has been the planning and future implementation of Harvey Healing Days, a series of days that host 90 minute sessions led by Art and Music Therapists and yoga instructors to facilitate positive ways for first responders, evacuees, and others affected to cope and express via music, art making, and movement. The inaugural day is set to take place Saturday, November 4th and will be serving both the adults and children's still displaced from their homes and typical walk of life during this event. 


Volunteers must attend at least two sessions: the first session (November 4th) and one of the next 3 sessions

The TMC CAT team will organize four sessions; November 4th, one in the beginning of February, one in April, and one in August for the "anniversary". 

    - Art Therapy and other Creative Arts Therapist volunteers will learn how to help facilitate the workshop in the November 4th workshop.  We will then need 3-4 Art Therapists (and 3-4 music therapists, etc) at each of the subsequent workshops to facilitate with help from the TMC CATs.

    - If Art Therapists want to bring this workshop to their own communities, they are more than welcome to, but TMC CAT will only be helping facilitate the 4 I have already mentioned.

This is the link for people wanting to sign up to be facilitators: https://goo.gl/forms/diXZxTG2x7BO7aBA2

For questions related to the event, please contact:
Amy Huffaker, MA, ATR
Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital
6411 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030