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STATA Member Websites

Austin Area

Deann Acton, LMFT, ATR-BC (Austin)
Ruth Airhart, LPC-AT/S, ATR-BC (Austin)
Chris Diraddo, LPC, ATR (Austin)
Bess Green, LPC, ATS, ATR-BC (Cedar Park)
Laura Johnson, LPC, ATR-BC (Austin)
Jo Mazza Lagattuta, ATR-BC-Retired (Austin)
Tracey McCullick, MAT, LPC-S (Austin)
Carolyn Mehlomakulu, LMFT-S, ATR-BC (Austin)
Shannon Mekuly, LPC, ATR (Austin)
Deanna Miesch, LPC-S, ATR-BC (Austin)
Wanda Montemayor, LPC-AT/S, ATCS, ATR-BC (Austin)
Moe Peck, PhD, LPC, ATR-BC (Austin)
Mandy Rutherford, LCSW (Austin)
Bethany Sweeden, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (Leander)
Elaina Whittenhall, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (Austin)

San Antonio Area

Salina Loriaux, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Yadi Puente, LPC-S, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Salina Shelton, LPC, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Courtney Martin, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Gabriela Gámez, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Deborah Murphy, LPC-AT/S (San Antonio)
Emily Boyce, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Sara Kay Thompson, M.Ed, ATR (San Antonio)

Houston Area

Deborah Lindeen, ATR-BC, LPC-AT/S  (Houston)
Kula Moore, LPC, ATR-BC (Houston)
Angelina Rodriguez, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (Houston)
Phylis R. Tomlinson, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (Houston)
Debra Alldredge, MA, ATR-BC, LPC-AT, LMFT (Sugar Land)

Other Areas

Roberta Shoemaker-Beal, ATR-BC (Wimberly)

STATA Honorary Life Members

Irene Corbit, Ph.D. (Houston)
Susan Roller (Austin)
Pat Grajkowski, LPC-AT/S, LMFT, ATR-BC (Austin)
Vicki Williams-Patterson, LPC-AT, ATR-BC (San Antonio)
Margaret A. Wheeler,  LPC-AT, ATR-BC (Houston)

Art Therapy Supervision: If you are looking for supervision for art therapy in order to become an ATR, it is recommended that you contact one of the therapists listed as an LPC-AT/S in order to meet the requirements of both the ATCB and the Texas LPC licensing board. The ATCB is now requiring that all supervision for the ATR be provided by an ATR-BC or an ATCS. If you are looking for a supervisor, please be sure that they meet the new criteria.

List your website! STATA members who would like to link to their website should email
Yadi Puente, LPC-S, ATR-BC at

Links to member pages are provided to assist individuals in locating therapists who offer art therapy. This does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. The South Texas Art Therapy Association is not responsible for the content of individual members' webpages.